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The following models are Japan domestic models, unless otherwise stated. All have basic English manuals and controls are in English.

  Sony Vaio PCG-U3
  Price: US$1424Click to access our Currency Convertor
Sony introduces a new level of WOW! The Vaio PCG-U3 is palm-top ultra small subnotebook. Powered by a TM5800 Crusoe processor running at 933MHz this little unit has power to spare. With up to four hours of battery life, it measures less than 185mm ( 7.3 inches) wide. The XGA screen on this little guy is 6.4" in size and supports a resolution of 1024768 pixels. The ultra subnotebook weighs just 820 grams. Is that small or what? Equipped with 256MB of SDRAM, and expandable to 512MB, the PCG-U3 also comes with a 20GB ATA100 harddrive. All other media drives are external, connecting via USB, or port replicators, except for a Sony memory stick port. With Windows XP home edition loaded on to the small 20GB hard drive, and room for proprietory Sony Memory sticks on the side, the PCG-U3 features an RJ45 network adaptor, twin USB ports, and Firewire jack for large data transfers. One Type II PCMCIA port is integrated with in the ultra sub notebook, and larger batteries can be clipped on to the bottom to boost the 4 hour lifespan to 7-12 hours. Almost impossible to believe so much is packed in this little unit. Perfect for the traveler that wants the ultimate in functionality and small size!!


Processor Transmeta Crusoe 5800, 933Mhz
RAM 256MB DDR (attached)
Video ATI Mobility Radeon-M 8MB (Dual View Capable)
Display TFT 6.4 (1024 x 768 internal, 1600 x 1200 external)
Hard Disk 20GB Ultra ATA (c: 10GB, d: 10GB)
Audio Mega Bass with Theatre sound and built in microphone
Keyboard 106/109 international Japanese keyboard
Mouse  Jog Type: built in to keyboard
(Built In)
2 x USB 1.0
1 x iLink (1394 - 4 Pin) Firewire
1 x LAN (RJ-45)
1 x Biology U Port
1 x Headphone Out (Mega Bass)
1 x Microphone In
1 x Magic Gate Memory Stick Slot
1 x Type II PCMCIA
1 x Jog Dial
1 x Power Button
1 x Display Port (requires adapter)
Accessory External Battery Pack
AC Adapter (Worldwide compatible)
OS English XP Home
Includes 1 x PCG-U3 with above specification
1 x technical support
1 x 1 year manufacture's warranty
1 x English Windows XP Home Edition installation with drivers and bundled software converted to English
1 x Custom Recovery CD (2 Disks)

Futurist and elegant options for the total Sony VAIO look and feel. In addition to these options, we can supply any other options you want as a special order.

PCGA-U101-512  Upgrade Memory to 512 meg    $349
PCGA-CPU1   Sony's Soft Carrying Case with VAIO in big letters.
PCGA-CPU2   Sony's Black Semi-Soft Carrying Case.
PCGA-BP3U Extended battery for U3 - good for 8-14 hours
PCGA-BP1U   Additional normal battery for U3 - good for 3-5.5 hours.
PCGA-CRWD2 Sony's Firewire cable-powered DVD & 20x CD-RW Drive
PCGA-DVRW1   Sony's Firewire cable-powered DVD-RW Drive
PCGA-DVD1/A   Sony's Firewire cable-powered DVD-RW Drive
PCGA-CD51   Sony's PC Card CD-Rom Drive
PCGA-ACOEM Spare AC adapter for U-Series, less expensive OEM.
PCGA-AC16V4 Sony made spare AC adapter for U-Series
PCGA-UFD5 Sony's USB Floppy drive
PCGA-BA1 Sony's Bluetooth adapter for U-Series
PC-ModemCard Prosonics 56K modem card.
PCGA-DA1S Sony VGA Adapter for U-Series
PCGA-UVC11 Sony's clip-on webcam 
PCGA-SP1 Sony's Laptop speakers printed with "VAIO"
PCGA-UMS5 Sony's USB White Mouse printed with "VAIO"
PCGA-UMS1/A Sony's USB Grey Mouse printed with "VAIO"
PCWA-A500 Sony's 802.11a High-Speed Wireless (WiFi) Access card
MZ-N10 Sony's latest Minidisc player with NET.MD